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I am a freelance photographer based in Skopje, Macedonia. I've always had a passion for capturing unique moments and transposing them into images, whether it is through design or photography. My education and professional experience made me grow into the professional photographer I am today, and my willingness to explore new techniques and create unique shooting settings give me the extra push that I need to make your photos perfect. I’ve done many fashion photo-shoots, weddings, live events in different locations (indoors and outdoors) and I am able to provide the highest quality images that suit my clients' needs. My experience in Graphic/Web Design helps me make your ideas come to life.

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Fashion It's not just about shooting models, it's more about finding the perfect settings that emphasize the tone of the collection being promoted, and that is always my main prerogative.


Good photographs that capture the perfect moment always take an artistic effort on behalf of the photographer. With a keen eye for details I always strive to give you the best photos from your events and add the proper finishing touches in post-production.


Artistic and street photography have always been my passion and I tend to recreate my ideas into a photo story. Editorials on places and people being my specialty, I make sure your ideas come alive.


Working with Alex is incredible! He is extremely professional and focused on the project. Alex made it a priority to understand and pinpoint exactly what kind of shoot I wanted. The end product was absolutely stunning. I would definitely work with him again!


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